Rio |  Scandi Short Versitip | Muselinis valas
RIO's Scandi Short VersiTip is a highly versatile, interchangeable tip Scandi style shooting head, that allows anglers to change tips quickly and easily as fishing conditions change. It is ideal for t..
Rio |  Scandi Short | Muselinis valas
RIO's Scandi Short head is a very easy casting Scandi style shooting head, built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the utmost in casting control and sensitivity. The "Short" nature of this he..
Scierra |  Salmon Integrated II Double hand Shooting Head w/ Running line | Muselinis valas
DOUBLE HAND SHOOTING HEADS WITH INTEGRATED RUNNING LINES The Integrated II series is a very good mix of the best sides of shooting heads and WF-lines. The heads are 11 to 12 meters long and tapered..
Vision | ACE DH Sink 5 To Sink 7 | Muselinis valas
 ACE SH, S5-S7 Vision is going DEEP! We have had a lot of requests for real deep diving dredgers. That’s why we are introducing the Sink5 to Sink7 heads for 2017. ..
Vision | Ace Skagit  interm head | Muselinis valas
A floating head is without any question the number one choice for Skagit fishing. It is ridiculously easy to use and it will get the job done in most of the cases. In some places, however, the surface..
Vision | Ace Skagit  Sink3 head | Muselinis valas
ACE SKAGIT SINK3 BODY Vision is going DEEP! By demand from avid salmon fishermen we are introducing Ace Skagit with a Sink3 body. This body combined with an appropriate T-tip will take your weighte..
Vision | Slide Spey TIP | Muselinis valas
This year we have developed an interchangeable tip version out of the Slide Spey line. This is the ultimate salmon fly line for the fisherman who want to cover all different fishing situations with ju..
Scierra | Ahead - Double Hand Shooting Heads | Muselinis valas
Extremely well balanced shooting heads for all kinds of double hand fly fishing. The “Ahead” series offers densities for most conditions and are incredibly easy to control. We have distributed the wei..