Scierra | Memento DH | Meškerė
Memento You can acquire a Memento fly rod that will fit any fly fisher, from a novice to an expert, because the action of the rod will easily adapt to any casting style and help it along the n..
Scierra | Mile High DH | Meškerė
Mile High We have designed five brand new SIX piece rods that, even in their tubes, will measure just over  50 centimeters. This series of single hand rods from # 4 to # 8 has been named ..
Scierra | Surge DH | Meškerė
Surge The strongest, lightest and most powerful materials on the market were at our disposal. We chose the ultimate mix of materials to build the ultimate fly rods based on our philosophy of d..
Vision | Glass Salmon | Meškerė
Rig this rod up with a 580 grain Ace Skagit and you’ll be surprised how far and easy it casts! This is not a soft & heavy old school glass rod but a modern salmon tool with a deeeeeeep bend. -..
Vision | Onki | Meškerė
Our full-scale single-hand rod series Onki nailed it. Since the launch in 2016 it has been a real success in every possible way. Now our mission is to do the same with new ONkI dH and ONkI SWITC..
Vision | Tool Cork | Meškerė
TOOL DH RODS STORY: Tool DH rods have been a kind of an enigma since their introduction two years ago. Black matte blanks together with exceptional reel seats and thin EVA handles give these rods a..
Vision | Tool | Meškerė
The future is here! Make no mistake though, the shock with this rod comes not when you see the picture, nor even when you first take hold and realise how incredibly light they are, but most definitely..
Vision | XO DH | Meškerė
One of the first things we heard when we originally launched the XO range was where are the double handed rods? Although we had already played around with these rods way before we came out with the si..